Here is a summary of my perspective on human growth and potential.  It might be considered a “manifesto.”  A friend recently said that the world needs more

manifestos :-)  I consider this a work in progress:

1.   You are a competent, evolving being capable of achievements that you can’t even imagine yet.

2.   Your work is to imagine what these things might be.  So nurture your imagination.

3.   What you imagine for yourself, good or bad, is much more likely to happen.  So imagine good things for yourself.

4.   You possess all the talents and gifts you need.

5.   The universe is not conspiring to give you anything or take anything away from you.  It’s all up to you. That can feel scary.

6.   So be brave.

7.   Life is more fulfilling if you live it in a way consistent with your values.

8.   It takes some effort to articulate what your values are but it’s worth the effort and can give rise to a sense of purpose.

9.   Your perception of the world is uniquely subjective.  There is little substantive external reality we all agree upon. So be openminded.

10.  You choose your perspectives so you might as well choose positive perspectives.  There is a lot of evidence this will lead to greater contentment.

11.  Your thoughts and how you choose to act on them are the only things completely under your control.  Recognizing this is incredibly liberating.

12.  We are empathic and social by nature.  Actions that promote connection with others lead to a more fulfilling existence (and a better world).  So love boldly and be generous.

13.  Largely, we make our own luck.  Therefore, 13 is not an unlucky number!

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