Clients' Words

I worked with Michael at an exciting time in my life and career. I was enjoying my job but wanted to take it to the next level, and I was also pregnant with my first kid. Michael did an amazing job of understanding my situation and me personally, and tailored all our sessions to what I needed— he’s an incredible listener and communicator. We also did a lot of goal-setting together based on my core values (which we explored and uncovered together). By the end of our sessions, I had a much richer sense of where I wanted to go with my career and how my family and work might fit together. I ended up getting a promotion a month later. When I describe Michael to people, I always say that he’s someone who’s truly found his calling. It’s rare to meet someone so suited to their work.   Tiffani

I engaged Michael as a career coach after many years of feeling disempowered and uncertain about my role in the professional world. His friendly manner, honesty & candor, and his methodological approach to coaching was extremely valuable to my personal and professional development.  Although coaching is not therapy - it seeks to define the future rather than unpack the past - his approach has helped me become much more confident in understanding who I really am and in integrating the seemingly contradictory paths I've taken. In short, I feel much more whole and now have a strong sense of what is right for me professionally. I highly recommend Michael's work if you're trying to move to the next stage of your own personal & professional development.  Christopher

I worked with Michael at a time of great transition in my career.  The experience was a game-changer for me. Michael helped me clarify my goals and put me on a path to achieving them. Now I am living the kind of fulfilling life I had dreamed of and pursuing new opportunities I never thought possible. Cathie


It is not often that you hear someone in casual conversation recommend a life coach. But the fact of the matter is we all should have one! Life moves quickly and at times it can be rather sticky. Whether you are stuck in a bad habit/ life crisis/ career decision/ what-have-you, it helps to have someone outside of your immediate circle, alter your perspective. 

As the saying goes, 'If you are always looking through a pair of blue-tinted glasses you will never enjoy the true beauty of yellow'. Michael has the extraordinary gift of asking the right questions that can alter the lens with which you are viewing your life from. He helps you identify a framework of values that serves as a tool in designing a life that works for you. Given our demanding schedules, it is rare to stop and ask yourself, "What color lens am I using at this moment?" Having Michael as a life coach has made me more aware of not only what lens I am using, but also, what other lenses are available for me to try on. Errica


Michael has been my life coach for about six months.  He brings to his practice useful experience as an entrepreneur, senior manager and educator.  His training in design gives him a particularly unique perspective as a coach. 

He listens well and asks insightful questions that encourage me to find answers within myself.  His life experience, wisdom, work experience and humanity are all brought to bear in our work together.  Most helpful is his ability to help me reframe my perspective on a given topic. A new perspective can change everything and propel forward motion. 

Michael is patient, perceptive and fun to work with.  He is direct and does not hesitate to question me or help me question myself - with good doses of humor, empathy and encouragement. Marielle


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