We often struggle to achieve fulfilling lives.  We struggle with setting goals that will lead to fulfillment but more often we struggle in defining fulfillment with the clarity required to set meaningful goals.  Fulfillment is multifaceted.  We seek fulfillment in career, personal achievement, relationships, and a sense of physical and internal well-being.  You may only be seeking to enhance your sense of fulfillment in one or two of these facets.

Working with a Life Coach offers the following benefits:

People seek coaching for many reasons.  You might be interested in career growth or change.  You might be interested in attaining lifelong dreams, small or large.  You might be interested in writing that first novel or in just clearing out the garage. You might be interested in enhancing existing relationships or in breaking old patterns and developing new types of relationships.  There is no end to this list. To the coach, the topic is less important than the process. Read clients' words.


What coaching is not:

Coaching is not therapy.  We will not be looking into the past to understand or interpret your history.  We focus on moving forward from where you now stand.


Coaching is not advice-giving.  In general, coaching enables you to uncover your own goals, values and priorities and then move forward.  The life coach will not write a prescription for you but rather shepherds a process from which these things flow.  There may be times when the coach’s advice is sought, but these times will be carefully proscribed.


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