Design Your Life:

Who Are You Becoming?

The practice of design is most successful when the subject of the design is based on a deep understanding of the human needs underlying whatever it is that is being designed.  For example, my previous “smart phone” was great at organizing my contact list, managing my calendar, accessing the Internet and posting photographs to Facebook. Unfortunately, it was not a very good telephone and I could not depend on it to do what I needed most from a telephone: make calls!   The designers of that phone lost focus on what we need a telephone to do.  It should seem obvious, no? Somewhere along the path they confused what could be designed, or perhaps even their own unique needs as technology designers, with what the users of this phone really needed.  Good design requires an astute understanding of human needs so the designed object is able to meet those needs.  Enlightened designers begin the design process with sharp clarity around these needs.  This leads to optimal design.


Our lives can be similar.  Often we become distracted by what “can” be done, what is important to others, what we “should” do, what makes others happy or what leads to short-term, superficial goal attainment.  We neglect and often lose touch with our own values.  Living a life that does not acknowledge our core values is not much different from trying to live someone else’s life.  It will not fulfill you.  And isn’t fulfillment what life, ultimately, is about?  Take a moment: What fulfills you?


In life, we set goals and milestones for ourselves.  Like good design, goal setting should reflect a profound understanding of what is important to you, what you value and where you find fulfillment.  Goals should spring from this understanding.  Your life is a unique, fluid work in progress.  Your path can change but it should reflect who you are and who you aspire to be.  Connecting with your core values is the first step in setting congruous life goals.  When your goals are designed based on your core values they will lead to a life designed with intent; a fulfilling life.  Life coaching facilitates this process and helps you answer:  Who are you becoming? (Other Thoughts and Essays)



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