Design Your Life:

Why Are You Becoming?

What inspires great design? Inspiration can come from many sources. Some are ephemeral and fleeting whereas others come from our core, a spot deep within.  Our ability to access this depth is sometimes easy but more often it seems obscured as if hidden behind frosted glass.  Inspiration is sparked by a sense of purpose.  A designer often approaches a project with a very personal sense of purpose that inspires design. Gaining access to this sense of purpose can be challenging.


A teakettle is a simple object, a vessel to hold water above heat until the water boils.  Think of all the teakettle designs you have come across. Searching Google for “teakettle” uncovers 1,230,000 images.  No doubt the number will be even higher by the time I am finished with this essay!  Where can such variety come from?  Some designers are inspired by simplicity, some by complexity, some by a drive to make us smile, or think, or feel, or enjoy great tea. This guiding sense of purpose will likely manifest and be recognizable in what they design. It is why they design.


What inspires you? Perhaps more importantly, what do you want to inspire in others?  The answers to these questions can serve as a centerpiece for your existence but the answers are not always easily accessible.  Being quiet and present in the moment can reveal parts of our inner selves that may not be easily reachable, otherwise.   Presentness often grants access to our core sources of inspiration and purpose.  Life coaching can help you gain contact with this core and answer:  What is your purpose? Why are you becoming?

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